Meet Bruce Stobbe

Bruce’s passion for timber framing was kindled many years ago while living and working in southern Japan. Bruce was exposed to the beauty of Japanese timber framing which largely took the form of visiting centuries – old temples and even some family owned homes and barns.

Meet Bruce

The Design Process

Creating and cutting your timber frame provides the tangible results of all the planning and team design. Our craftsmen, who cut and raise the frame, are truly unique carpenters and artisans. They pour their passion, skill, and values into our workplace and into your project in pursuit of quality and sustainability.

Our Design Process

Timber Frame Pricing

Many timber framed structures can be finished at a comparable cost to conventional stick framed buildings however, McLeod Creek Timber Frame Company timber frame structures are designed to hold their value longer.

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At McLeod Creek Timber Frame Company Ltd., we are dedicated to building hand-crafted heavy timber frame homes and structures using traditional mortise and tenon joinery. Our goal is to craft structures that enhance the lives and lifestyles of their owners and guests alike. Not only do our structures possess timeless beauty, we ensure they are healthy, comfortable and durable, while at the same time being responsible to both the global and local communities by striving for outstanding energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

Recent Projects