Design Process

With the McLeod Creek Timber Frame Company Ltd., you are our main focus. We can help you create residential and commercial timber frames, hybrid timber frames, pavilions, gazebos, pergolas, carports, porches, bridges, barns, or just about anything you can imagine into your building site, whether it is situated on a recreational or rural property, or is destined for an urban infill in the city.

If you do not have your own designer, we will provide your project with architectural design and custom timber frame design (small, simple structures we can design, but for larger projects, we can offer a choice of design professionals to choose from), a choice of a selection of wood species along with its component structural engineering services, timber frame construction and raising, tongue and groove wood paneling, and roof and wall enclosure systems adhering to the PERSIST (Pressure-Equalized Rain-Screen Insulated Structure Technique) method. The PERSIST method is easily constructed by local builders within your community. We also offer the alternative to this method, where a more traditional approach is used with the installation of both wall and roof SIPS (structural insulated panels).

Creating and cutting your timber frame provides the tangible results of all the planning and team design. Our craftsmen, who cut and raise the frame, are truly unique carpenters and artisans. They pour their passion, skill, and values into our workplace and into your project in pursuit of quality and sustainability.

Environmentally responsible construction begins with a sound sustainable design. We will work with you or your consultant team to create the most efficient and appropriate plan that will meet all of your needs. While planning this, the McLeod Creek Timber Frame Company Ltd. emphasizes that keeping the building size or “footprint” as small as possible, while still accommodating all of your requirements. We will be actively involved in the design work, because we believe it takes a very complex, interactive, and collaborative effort by all to create the best design for you.

The McLeod Creek Timber Frame Company Ltd. also believes in designing within the existing landscape as much as possible. How the structure is positioned within the environment to optimize the natural vegetation and landscaping along with how the structure interacts with the elements of nature all will be considered.

We strive to use the right combination of healthy building materials within the design to achieve the best possible values in energy efficiency. The McLeod Creek Timber Frame Company Ltd. also uses local building materials whenever possible to support local businesses, which will have the least negative environmental impact all the while creating the greatest socio-economic impact. We want to lend support and provide livelihoods for the people within our local communities.

Recent Projects