The McLeod Creek Timber Frame Company Ltd. actively encourages any form of alternative construction, especially if it is both feasible and affordable for you. There are many fantastic ideas and methods that are being employed in the US and Europe for the last few decades. However, some may not be economically viable here at this time. Some examples include European-style ICFs and wood fiber insulation. It would be fantastic to start using some of these products here!

With new methods of construction come challenges to both owners and builders alike with regards to local and national building codes. One issue that the McLeod Creek Timber Frame Company Ltd. would like to discuss revolves around the “building envelope” and “building breathability” which looks into the necessities of building air/vapor barriers. With that said, we encourage you to send in your comments on this issue to our blog!

Finally, as part of our commitment to you, sustainable building practices and the environment/nature, we will plant a number of seedlings each year in the area where your timber is harvested. This will be calculated as to how much volume (board footage) one average tree of the species you are using is in relation to the total volume of wood in your project.

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